Template Builder

Javo Blog Builder

Create your own blog detail page template and Blog list page.
Take care of it easily

Easy Blog Builder

Build by Post Block

Post List Page

Build Own Post List Page Simple
add a background and heading
text Use Post Block to
list your posts.
Flexible & Customizable

Javo Module

You can select a module or create
a new module on the module
builder page.
Customize & Create

Post Detail Template

We provide customizable post detail template
& structure by post meta widgets You can
customize the demo template or create
a new one if you need.
Set as default

Global Setting

Select a detail page template as default
or global template Then all posts will
use the template structure.
Set only specific posts

Different templates

You can set different templates on specific posts.
It's very flexible for your different topics.

Change the layout

You can replace the layout of the
widget as you like.
Possibility of place change

Widget can be replaced

You can place the blog widget anywhere you want.
Set as default

style changeable

You can decorate your blog with the style
you want, such as colors and fonts.
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