Easy Live Filter


Without leaving the page, Ajax base. search & filter products.
Make your customers explore quickly and easily.
Easy to manage position and modules.
Let your customers make easy

Smart Filter

Easy to set & Manage

Various Options

Repeater Filter Options
Simple to add, remove & duplicate
Different types of filters
( Checkboxes, Dropdown, SVG(Icon) )
Easy to Change

Column Manager

Change 2,3 or 4 columns as you need.
Also easy to change layout and width.
It's just drag & drop.
Filter Location

3 Positions

Place filters by your preferred location It supports Left, Right, Top
Simple to use

Responsive Filters

Mobile filter has been changed to mobile filter, so you can easily search and filter on mobile.
Simply Change

Color, Fonts, Size

Multiple detail options for width,
typography, spacing, more
details for your design.
Multple way to use

Selectable module

You can select the module you want and use
the module that fits the product. There are also
pre-designed modules, and you can make your own
and use them. Pre-designed 18 were prepared.
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