Beautiful & perfect
Javo widgets
Built by the most flexible and popular Javo widget
in WordPress It's a very easy and flexible tool.
Built by The Most Flexible Tool

Perfect Javo widget

Innovative & easy JV widgets
Try different JV widgets
Try many functions with various widgets made
by Create listings, headers footers
with our widgets
Add Easy Drag & Drop JV widget
All Type widgets available
You can add the widget you want for each
page type Look at the various widgets
widget type first
Default widget
A basic widget that can be used on
any post and is independent of the post type
With Javo Widgets
Blog Post widgets
This is a widget that can be used only on a
page whose Post type is post.
Post type
Listing widgets
This widget can only be used for widgets
whose post type is a listing
Post type
map widget
This is a dedicated widget for map
used only on maps.
Post type
List Style widget
Widgets that can be used on the list
page List-only widgets.
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