Listing Types

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Create More Listing Types
Field Manager on submit form
Custom fields & Advanced options
The Most Flexible Listing Manager

Directory Manager Pro

Desired listing types

Create Listing Types

Create or separate listing types.
It's more powerful than categories.
You can set different options by the listing types.
Customize Submit Forms

Submit form builder

Different forms by Listing Types.
Add, Remove & Edit forms by each listing types.
They works on front-end & also backend.
Submit form builder

Easy to manage by Drag & drop

Customize by drag & drop and It will be implemented on back-end and front-end of submit forms.
Template Manager

Templates by listing types

Select templates by the listing types.
You might need different templates by the listing types.
( ex. listing detail pages, header, footer )
Set email notifications

Notifications by listing types

Success Alert Message, New listing notifications and Approval Notification when pending option is on.
You can set the notification message templates.
Set listing payment Package

Payment for each listing types

The payment packages can be set by each listing types.
You can create packages in WooCommerce and select the packages you want to charge on each listing types.
Filter by Listing Types

Post Block, Maps Support

Thanks to listing types, listings can be displayed by listing types on Map pages, Listing List Pages and also Post blocks.
Set email notifications

SEO Schema

It helps to send the listing data to
Google Search Engine when you search the listings.
It helps Google Search and SEO.
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