Flexible & Many Pre-Made

Listing List Style

Multiple Pre-made List templates
Built by Drag & Drop
Easy to Customize & Build New Ones
Built by Drag & Drop

Flexible List Page

Pre-Made Pages

Multiple list & map pages

Providing Multiple Pre-Made List Pages.
Choose and use without needing to create.
They also built by drag & drop
Each Part Widgets

Widgets by drag & drop

You can use widgets to place them.
Easy to customize the pre-made pages.
You can also create the new ones.
Change Module Cards

Change module cards

Many Pre-designed Modules are ready.
You just need to select one and use.
Detail Styling & Layout Change

Easy to Customize

Provide live page-builder by drag & drop
Each part widgets are ready
Easy to customize & even create new ones
Change column

Column Manager

Columns changeable.
You can set different cols by devices
( PC, Tablet, Mobile )
Custom as you like

Support for many lists

You can choose from among many lists.
Change at will

Post Block Gap Change

The spacing between post blocks can be
adjusted as desired by the user
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