Built by drag & drop

Map Page Builder

The map pages created for easy to find
the details of the list.
Browse the details to find what you're looking for
Let your customers make easy

multiple map pages

Pre-made Map types

Right half map & List

Map page with listing pannel on the left and maps on the right
Built by drag & drop.
You can customize them.
Pre-Made Map types

Left Filter, Map Header

List page with a map in the header and a filter on the left
Sticky Filters are ready. Built by drag & drop.
You can customize them.
Pre-Made Map types

Expand Map & List

You click on the list, the details panel will appear for the details.
It's one of our best map pages your users will love.
Pre-Made Map types

Toggle Switch Map & List

This is the map list with the toggle button at the bottom.
Map types

Header Search, Filter Sticky

Conveniently search directly from the header select
only the items you want with sticky filters
List & map switch Buttons

Easy Toggle button

Switch Between maps or list page
by using the toggle button.
Coming very soon

Open Street Map

OSM (open street map) is a popular maps and free maps.
It's possible to use partly. Full features will be ready soon.
Provides the most flexible maps

Other map features

Drag & Drop, Fast
Quick & easy map made
You can quickly create map pages by
dragging just one widget.
No need to create
A lot of map pages
You can change the style
of the map using Google Schema.
Can be enlarged or reduced
Map, anywhere
You can freely place the map anywhere you want and use it.
On any device
Fully responsive
Discover fully responsive maps on any
all device
Map style
Change style & map
Cluster, Control Style, Map Type Dropdown Style changeable
Preview function
Assign a preview & map
You can assign a preview to the map and create your own preview
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