Various Review Functions


Enjoy the Review function of various functions.
You will find many features that you may
not have seen anywhere else.
About the review

Innovative review

Review Forms

Review form types

There are 2 options to display submit forms
Collapse Form & Modal Form.
Review List

Review list skins

You can select and use one of 3 types
( List type, masonry type, and grid type )
Review Images

Image Uploader

Users can upload images for the reviews
It shows on light box popup
Like, Helpful buttons

Like, unlike buttons

You can add like, unlike and helpful buttons. You can change the text as you wish. It saves as cookie and counts.
Pay for read reviews

Payment Package

It's an option to charge to read reviews. You can make some packages to hide review and let them readable after they make the payment.
Grouped all layouts

Review widget

You can select the part and place them.
It's easy to manage and you can add what you want.
Of Review

other features

Easy to change

Change style, no cording

You can customize the page with basic
setting without any coding such
as html, css, etc.

on various devices

Easily preview and customize layouts for desktop, mobile, and tablets. Try it on any device.

Review edit function

You can edit reviews that have
already been written
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