Flexible Suggestion Top 10

Suggestion Top 10

Find out the 10 most sought-after keywords
Built by The Most Flexible Suggestion Top10

Suggestion Top10 Option

Post type selection
Post type selectable
Only search results for the desired
post type will appear.
Search form place holder
Change placeholder text
The text of the placeholder of the search form
can be changed as desired by the user.
Limit number of searches
search word limit
Set the minimum number of keywords
for search.
Show categories first

Show category list first

Show all category list on the top first on the
dropdown items. It's not recommended
when you have many ( too long ).
recommended less than
5 ~ 7 categories.
Keep the header

Sticky Header

When you scroll down, the
header will be stuck on the top.
You turn off or on it.
Color, Typography, Space and Etc...

Easy to style

Widgets provide color, typography
space and also effect... etc. Your
designer will love the
tools and you also.
List of popular products

Top 10 Popular Items

Select and list popular products. Entice customers to visit them.
You can also easily change the order by drag & drop them.
Predesined Headers are ready

Multiple Menus

Place them where you want. ex) Menu1
on Home 1, Menu 2 on Home 2, Menu 3 on
all products, Menu 4 on all posts It's also easy
to set by selecting one of your menus.
Header Search

Mobile Search

Set up a search form on a variety of devices so
that all users can shop conveniently.
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