Flexible Javo Header

Header Options

Multiple, Various, and Useful Options
Built by The Most Flexible Tool

Javo Header Widgets

Listing My Menu

Favorite Listings

Bookmark the items user want to save on the favorite list
manage them conveniently
Listing Notification

BuddyPress Notification

Check notifications with a simple
notification window
Custom as you like

User Menu

Set user menu from WordPress Menu option by drag & drop.
You can customize the menu list as you wish.
I do not have to make

Pre-made headers

Various pre-made headers are ready to use.
Just need to select one of them to use on each pages, posts
Even global settings are ready to set default headers for all pages, each listing types and listing templates.
For Many Menus

Canvas Menu

Create an additional menu if you need more menus
Easily place to the desired pages by the canvas widget
Lava Ajax Search

Search Form

Add smart search form by lava search form.
It searches posts you select the post types.
The post types are selectable.
Keep the header

Sticky Header

When you scroll down, the header will be stuck
on the top. You turn off or on it.
Easy category menu

Easy dropdown menu

It's one of menu types you will get.
Well organized and easy to navigate.
Convenient edit, delete, copy

User Menu Manage

You can easily edit, add, or delete the user menu buttons using repeat.
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