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Include WooCommerce, claim
Make Money

Payment Packages

I do not have to make

Lava payment packages

3 types of payment packages with WC(WooCommerce)
WC Provides a lot of Payment Gateway
Charge for

Submit Packages

Post amount, Posting duration
Featured Listing option
You can create multiple prices and charge
Let Listing owners

Claim Listings

Let claim the listings
Available as either a free or paid option
Notification is also ready
Charge for reading reviews

Review : Readable

Users be able to read after they pay
You can set the duration ( Days )
Reply option can be also set for payment
Multiple Options

WooCommerce Supported

WC has one of the best payment features
It's stable and common way to make the payment
It has multiple options.
Payment Packages by

Listing Types

You can set payment packages
Each listing types.
Built by The Most Flexible Tool


World Wide Gateways

Payment Gateways

WC supports many payment gateways
You can also find local payment gateways and use it.
Give your clients discounts

Coupon Option

Create coupons for your users
or maybe have some events for your users.
Hide some steps

Disable Cart or Fields

You might not need to show cart for purchasing payment packages. Then Hide it.
Remove default fields

Hide Field options

You can also hide shipping& billing address
from WooCommerce default fields.
View statistics

Sale Statistics

You can see statistics on your
earnings at a glance with a graph
Charge for Claim

Claim Package

Charge for claim

claim package

Claim payment package is ready to use.
It can be a free or paid for claim
Packages, Listing Type

by listing type

You can set payment packages
Each listing types.
Claim application

Apply module
listing page

Apply the claim function to desired
modules and listing pages
claim change

Charge for the claim

You can change your claim
to whatever you want
Built by The Most Flexible Tool


place where you want

Featured Listing

Listings can appear in multiple places
can appear in any place you want.


Multiple Online vendors

Provided by vendors

Available from several online vendors
(eBay, Amazon, etc.)

Get a subscription

Get paid by monthly subscription fee

Hide Review

If unwanted reviews are registered
you can hide reviews by
hiding reviews

Field disable

Only payers can add to Field Disable

Claim Package

You can create a claim package
edit the contents of
the package
Feature to be add soon

comming soon
price, features

You can set this when creating a package in
woocommerce You can select a field
to fill out for each price Ready
for release soon
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