Various Search And Results

Post Block

Enjoy the Find Post Block function of various functions.
You will find many features that you may
not have seen anywhere else.
More than Great!

All-round Post Block

All-round capability

Javo post blocks

Great Filter Features
Module Selection
Column Selection
Place any places
Select the sort, filters

Various Filters

Filter by Taxonomies, Listing Types
Filter by Post Types ( Posts, Listings )
Fitler By Post IDs,
Set Relative Posts, Featured Listing only.. etc
Select a module to list

Module Cards

Select a module to use the post block.
Select pre-made modules.
You can customize the modules or create your own modules.
Select them to use on the post block
Infinitely craftable

Customize Module cards

We created multiple ( 150+ ) modules.
You can use them and customize them
You can also create as many modules as you want.
more post block

Meet the myriad of modules

Meet the countless Pre Made Module
that we have made a lot
more post block

Multiple purposes

You can use it for multiple purposes.
Post blocks, Listing blocks, even WC Product blocks,
Category blocks Relative Posts, Relative listings
Author pages, Archive pages and list pages ... etc
You will love to use this on any pages
Column, Load More, Loading Amount

Column, Loading Options

You can use it on full-width, half, 1/3, 2/3 and also narrow sidebar.
Then set the column to display.
1,2,3,4,6 A total of 5 columns can be changed
First load, Load More, Pagination option are also ready
Specify filter headers

Headers with filters

You can add filters. Add a filter header by
selecting the category you want.
SVG Icons Filters, Taxonomy Filters are ready
Ordering By option

Set posts ordering

Posts can be set the ordering by
Post title, date, random, rating, viewed count
Effect & Styling

Effect, Detail Styling

Loading Effect option is ready
Your designer can easily style the typo, color and space by a few clicks on the style tab
Perfect for any device

Tablet, Mobile responsive

No matter what device you look at, it's clean and uncluttered.
Built by The Most Flexible Post Block

other Features

Change at will

Post Block Gap Change

The spacing between post blocks can be
adjusted as desired by the user.
Order available

Can be sorted as desired

Sort by date, post title, random, rating, etc., set ascending order, descending order
Color, Typo, Space ...

Easy style change

Widgets provide color, typo, space
and also effect... etc.
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